These email lists will be strictly used to notify you when/if the mats become available after the fact in your country (retail), or if you are in the US to find out when custom sizing will become available.  We will not do news, updates, or tell you about the next thing we do with this email.  Enroll with confidence; I’m not a spamming jerk.

Custom Cut (North America)

Whenever we get a new batch of neoprene and are in production, we will be doing custom cut orders!  If we are not in production, custom cut mats will be out of stock in the store.  Sign up here if you would like to be notified when the custom cut option becomes available again:

International Orders

The most likely avenue for international distribution is through an Amazon Marketplace near you, likely beginning with North America and then EU marketplaces if the demand is there.

Demand will be judged by sign ups for these notifications.  So, if you want us to get to your country, make it known

United Kingdom







If you are feeling left out, let me know on the contact page.