Custom Cut Neoprene Gaming Mat

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  • Custom cut sizing up to 80 x 50 inches
  • 5mm thick neoprene gaming mat
  • Nylon play surface and rubber backing
  • Plain colors work for every game and don’t camouflage your components
  • Roll-up center tube and carry strap, for storage and transport
  • Free Shipping on All Orders
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BlackNavy BlueForest GreenBurgundy

– Pre-order. Custom cut mats usually ship with 4-8 weeks. You will receive a shipping notification when your order ships.

– Out of stock. We don’t currently have this color of neoprene on hand. See our FAQ for an estimate of when those will be available. To be notified when our next round of neoprene comes in, sign up for custom cut notifications.

No Logo?

As a fancy custom cut customer, you get the option of skipping the Big Viking Mats logo.  Although it is a handsome logo, we understand some people want a pristine play surface.

Care, Cleaning & Storage

To ensure the long life of your mat, check out our Care and Handling tips.


The three custom size tiers allow you to select a range all the way up to 80 x 50 inches.  Just select the small, medium, or large option and then provide your exact measurements in the width and length fields.

If you are looking for something other than a rectangle (circle, hexagon, octagon, etc) see our Other Geometic Shapes options.

Please keep in mind that we can only guarantee and tolerance of 1/4 inch.  Neoprene may expand or contract slightly with temperature and age. These effects are minimized because of the thickness of the material. Although we cut your mats with precision instruments, it is unrealistic to expect a machine level of precision on a big floppy piece of rubber.

The form fields will allow you to enter digits higher than the tier you selected; please don’t because then we’ll just have to email you to get new measurements.

When choosing your mat size, you may want to consider how close to the edge you actually want your mat.  If the mat goes right up to the edge, it would take more wear as people rest their elbows the edge of the table.  A one inch border would minimize that.  And a 2-3 inch border would give you a place to put your drink and tuck secret cards under there.

You may also check to see if one of our Standard Size Gaming Mats fits your table.

neoprene gaming mat with board game


Additional information


Large Custom Cut (up to 80 x 50 in), Medium Custom Cut (up to 50 x 45 in), Small Custom Cut (up to 50 x 28 in)


Black, Burgundy, Forest Green, Navy Blue

Logo Option

Normal Logo, No Logo

Corner Option

Rounded, Square Corners

25 reviews for Custom Cut Neoprene Gaming Mat

  1. Le Gourou

    I just received my mat yesterday and was very proud of the final product; it fits on my table like I wanted to and the mat was cut just like I wished! Really, great job!

  2. Steven

    I love the feel of this mat. It’s so soft and unlike some of my other mats, the lack of patterns and design makes it very easy to spot the various game components. Definitely roll this back up after gaming though. Anything even moderately heavy will leave impressions in the mat because of how soft it is.

  3. Ray Myers

    I received my playmat and it is GLORIOUS! I couldn’t believe how light it is as I have a thinner mat that weighs more, but is smaller. I love the color and I think I’m finally content with my gaming table now! Thank you!

  4. Darin Stewart

    Excellent mat. It makes table-top gaming much more enjoyable by keeping tiles in place. After our game group night this week, my wife instructed me to order a second, much larger mat so we can run games on both tables.

  5. Jeremy Zeman

    I have 2 of these one for home & one for travel. The thickness is great nice squishy feel makes it easy to pick up cards and game pieces.

  6. Viking Mats Customer

    I absolutely love this mat. It fits on the table perfectly and doesnt slide at all. I can roll dice without waking up my toddler. I’ve never had a gaming mat before but since I’ve had this we haven’t played a game without using it. It is definitely worth every penny. It stores nicely and travels well.

  7. Dave Meyer

    We just purchased one for our game table build and it’s really nice. We even had to custom size it due to the larger dining table we were using. Paul was great to work with and even with a custom order it arrived super quick. We’ll definitely be sending anyone we know interested in gaming mats their way!

  8. Eric

    We just received our custom sized mat and we are in love! We couldn’t be happier. Will seriously be thinking of ordering another for a second table. Thanks for the great workmanship!

  9. Daniel

    Just received my gaming mat. Shipping was fast, the mat is perfectly cut! Great job guys!

    Will definitely recommend you to my gaming group. All the best.

  10. ch1ckentalon

    What makes game-playjng enjoyable is the simple details that subtlely enhance the experience. This product delivers and provides the foundation for better game play. Whether it’s the sound of the dice rolling or the ease of card distribution and pickup, the sensory and gameplay aspects are all improved. Although the price is hefty, the value proposition is still there. I highly recommend this product to all who care about the gaming experience.

  11. James Maxhimer

    I’ve used my mat extensively for the past few months for both D&D and tabletop games and it has made a world of difference. Picking up cards is so easy now, and Carcassonne stays in place much better. Not too heavy, but nice and cushy. It’s holding up really well too, and the one beer that spilled on it came right out. Probably going to pick up another one soon for my bigger table.

  12. Viking Mats Customer

    I just leave it on my table because it makes such a great addition to any game. The nylon surface is great for any game that uses cards.

  13. :BF

    Very thick, nice game mat. Plus, no foul odors from the neoprene. Happy with our purchase & would recommend this mat to others.

  14. Tucker

    I bought one of your custom mats for a Christmas present for my wife and I. Just wanted to let you know we love it!!! I’ve tried a few others and your product is be far superior. Thank so much for making our gaming time just that much better.

  15. Anita M

    I ordered 2 mats from you last month, I wanted the option of using only half our dining table or using the whole table. The mats arrived in a timely way, they are great quality and fit completely perfectly together. They roll nicely, unroll flat and are perfectly cut. Thanks so much, exactly the upgrade to our gaming experience. We’re especially pleased to get so much use out of them during our Covid19 social distancing. Thanks for your great, efficient service. Love these mats!

  16. Britton

    Mine finally showed up Christmas Eve after being stuck in Eugene for 5 days and it’s awesome! Perfectly fits my table and I love the thickness and surface. Great quality and looks great. Tried it out with my new copy of Outer Rim and it makes playing games so much nicer!

  17. Jason Boschetti

    Great product, excellent service and delivery. Would totally buy again. The mat is beautiful in my dining room, ready for poker nights with my guys! Thanks Paul

  18. Joe

    Love my mat! It is a very high quality mat and was made just as I had asked. It looks awesome and an excellent playing surface. Even more, Paul is very communicative and really goes above and beyond. He even sent mine ahead of schedule to hit my first game night in a year. I will definitely be ordering more from here.

  19. Gene

    Mat was made and shipped much faster than expected. Although the mat is shy an inch in length than requested, which is noted as possible when ordering, it still fits beautifully and am very happy with it. Thanks!

  20. Chad Campbell

    I ordered a custom octagonal playmat to fit my table and Viking Mats got the dimensions perfect. It’s looks and feels great. Through no fault of Viking Mats, the postal service damaged my first mat and Paul was extremely helpful. He let me know what photos the postal 
    service would need and filed the paperwork on my behalf. He then sent out my replacement which fit just as perfect as the first.

  21. Derek Cross

    Ordered a custom cut mat for a table I built, delivered in 3 weeks. Unfortunately, it was the wrong size – not to worry, the team at Big Viking Mats got back to my email within 2 hours and had a perfectly-sized replacement shipped out to me within 2 weeks!

    The mat itself is high-quality and very visually pleasing, and works incredibly well for a gaming surface.

    High-quality product with great customer service, would recommend to anyone!

  22. Erika

    Just wanted to let you know that our mat is super-fantastic-amazing-awesome!!! Is that a word? It should be. Thank you for the perfect order!!!!!

  23. Brent Lukacs

    We recently purchased a custom sized mat for our dining table since we grew tired of board game pieces/tiles not staying in place. Initially I searched Amazon to get an idea of various other mats, but I wasn’t convinced from what I saw. I came across Big Viking Mats and was sold.

    Another added benefit of the mat is how easy it is to pick up cards off of it. Also, it absorbs dice rolls nicely, but we already use dice trays. There were no wrinkles/creases in the mat, and it rolls up nicely and comes with a carrying strap.

    We have only used it once, but we are glad that we finally invested in a good quality board game mat.

  24. Mike Dittamo

    I wanted to write and express how grateful I am to Big Viking Mats.  Not only is their product top-notch, but their Customer Service is truly exemplary.  The initial custom cut mat we received was almost perfect, but had a strange crinkly defect in one of the corners; I suspect it was damaged somehow during delivery.  I reached out to Paul from BVM asking how I could fix it.  Not only did he acknowledge and respond to my email quickly but he was honest about the damage, stating it would probably never fully come out.  He then offered to send us a replacement mat, which we received and it’s perfect!  Can’t wait to break it in this weekend.  I cannot recommend Big Viking Mats enough! Thank you again!  

  25. Justin L

    I just received my custom cut mat the other day. It was perfectly cut to my specifications and it lies so nicely on my table. It came on a large roll, and when laid out, it has no creases or folds whatsoever. They did a phenomenal job! They also went a little outside the box for me on my measurements and size which I greatly appreciate. Their customer service was great and very quick to respond! I definitely recommend them to anyone looking for this solution and would do business with again!

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