Frequently Asked Questions

See our mat care and handling recommendations to ensure the long life of your mat!

Can I get my mat delivered by ______ date?

Our usual delivery time on custom mats is 4-8 weeks.  Backordered standard size mats will be delivered within 4-6 weeks.

When can I buy a custom cut or out of stock mat?

Estimated:  Now!

You can place your order now for any size mat to receive it within the fulfillment times stated on the product pages (4-8 weeks for custom cut, 4-6 weeks for backordered standard sizes).

If any mat is marked out of stock, the next opportunity to buy will be approximately the date listed above.  Sign up for the Custom Cut notification list, which will be emailed the day that our store again opens up for all mat sizes.

When are you shipping to my country?

Shipping individual mats overseas is not feasible for us right now.  This means we will probably not be doing custom cut orders outside of North America anytime soon.

However, we may get batches of standard sizes to overseas markets.  We will do this based on interest, as indicated by web traffic and signups to your country’s email notification list.  We are not giving a timeline for any country yet as it is not a plan for the near future.

Do you cut circles, triangles, octagons, etc?

Yes!  Custom geometric shapes are now available.

Can you make the mat fit my table with machine-like precision?

Not really.  We’ve chosen to go with a thick and squishy material in order to get the table top feel that we wanted.  The down side is that this material acts more like a textile than a harder rubber.  Thus, we can only guarantee and tolerance of 1/4 inch. Neoprene may expand or contract slightly with temperature and age. These effects are minimized because of the thickness of the material. Although we cut your mats with precision instruments, it is unrealistic to expect a machine level of precision on a big floppy piece of rubber.

What can I do about the rubber smell?

Our mats are essentially large sheets of neoprene rubber, so there is an accompanying “new mat” smell.  It is not overwhelming, but some folks are sensitive.  It will continue to off-gas a rubber smell for a bit, like a new coat of paint or new set of tires.

The process will take longer if it is rolled up all the time. So, if you have space to lay it out somewhere in a spare room or garage, that’s the quickest way to a neutral smell.  Most just use the mat as normal until it goes away, if they notice the smell at all.