Other Geometric Shapes – Custom Cut Neoprene Gaming Mat


  • Custom cut sizing up to 80 x 50 inches
  • Choose a custom shape: circle, triangle, pentagon, hexagon, long hexagon, octagon, or long octagon
  • 5mm thick neoprene gaming mat
  • Nylon play surface and rubber backing
  • Plain colors work for every game and don’t camouflage your components
  • Roll-up center tube and carry strap, for storage and transport.  Read the product description for storage of odd shaped mats.
  • Free Shipping on All Orders
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– Pre-order. These mats are cut on demand and are usually received in 4-8 weeks, but we offer faster fulfillment in December.

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– Out of stock. We don’t currently have this color of neoprene on hand. See our FAQ for an estimate of when those will be available. To be notified when our next round of neoprene comes in, sign up for custom cut notifications.

Shapes and Sizes

These mats are harder to store.  This is because the inside edge (the first edge to start the roll) will not be the full width of other parts of the mat.  And because the material can be susceptible to line impressions, this uneven support is not ideal.  And you won’t want to stand it on end when it’s rolled up.  Just be aware it’s can be a higher maintenance thing to store because of it’s odd shape.

For shipping, we’ll cut it at a depth that it stays attached to the parent sheet, and then you can take it out when you receive it. This will ensure good support during shipping, but you may need to cut a little with fabric scissors to get it separated cleanly.  It’s basically cut at a depth that it’s perforated. But it’s rubber, so having scissors nearby is a good idea. The portion that is tearing away is the very bottom, against the table.

We can cut most anything within the size range offered in this product listing.  They cost a little more than the square and rectangular mats because there is extra drafting time and machine settings to change the depth of the cut.

We’re able to offer some common geometric shapes that easy enough to communicate via web form.  To order, just select the small, medium, or large option that fits your mat and then provide your exact dimensions (a,b,c,d) according to the graphics below.  Some of the measurements are redundant in that they could be calculated given some of the other measurements.  But this is a measure twice, cut once situation!

custom cut circle board gaming mat
Triangle (equilateral)

custom cut triangle board gaming mat



custom cut pentagon board gaming mat


custom cut hexagon board gaming mat


Long Hexagon (all angles at 60°)

custom cut long hexagon board gaming mat


custom cut octagon board gaming mat

Long Octagon (all angles at 45°)

custom cut long octagon board gaming mat


Please keep in mind that we can only guarantee and tolerance of 1/4 inch.  Neoprene may expand or contract slightly with temperature and age. These effects are minimized because of the thickness of the material. Although we cut your mats with precision instruments, it is unrealistic to expect a machine level of precision on a big floppy piece of rubber.

The form fields will allow you to enter digits higher than the tier you selected; please don’t because then we’ll just have to email you to get new measurements.

When choosing your mat size, you may want to consider how close to the edge you actually want your mat.  If the mat goes right up to the edge, it would take more wear as people rest their elbows the edge of the table.  A one inch border would minimize that.  And a 2-3 inch border would give you a place to put your drink and tuck secret cards under there.

Can I Get Something Else Cut?

Maybe!  If we can draft it and it fits in the size you order, we can do it.  Please contact us first so we can have a look at your project.

Ovals… probably not.  Communicating the ellipse required to get it cut correctly is outside of the average person’s expertise.  And we can’t just estimate based on a photo.  If you are the type of person that can correctly, mathematically communicate the dimensions of your ellipse, then you are probably the type of person that could draft it and send the file, which we can definitely cut!

No Logo

These mats will not ship with a logo.  The mats are connected to the larger sheet and so our logo press will not reach deep enough to apply it.

Care, Cleaning & Storage

To ensure the long life of your mat, check out our Care and Handling tips.

Additional information


Large Geometric Custom Cut (up to 80 x 50 in), Medium Geometric Custom Cut (up to 50 x 45 in), Small Geometric Custom Cut (up to 50 x 28 in)


Black, Burgundy, Forest Green, Navy Blue

Mat Shape

Circle, Triangle, Pentagon, Hexagon, Long Hexagon, Octagon, Long Octagon


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