Neoprene Gaming Mat – Standard Sizes

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  • 5mm thick neoprene gaming mat
  • Nylon play surface and rubber back
  • Plain colors work for every game and don’t camouflage your components
  • Roll-up center tube and carry strap, for storage and transport
  • Free Shipping on All Orders
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BlackNavy BlueForest GreenBurgundy
5-Pc Dining
Card Table
Folding Table
Large Dining

See what we have and when you’ll get it with this handy table!


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– Back Order. We don’t have this size and color in stock. The usual delivery time on back orders is 4-6 weeks.

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– Out of stock and we don’t have this color of neoprene on hand. See our FAQ for an estimate of when those will be available.  To be notified when these mats are in stock, sign up for notifications.

Care, Cleaning & Storage

To ensure the long life of your mat, check out our Care and Handling tips.


For custom cut dimensions up to 80 in x 50 in, check out the Custom Cut Gaming Mat listing.

Also see our 24″ x 14″ playmats if you are looking for something less-than-table-sized.

Our standard size neoprene gaming mats are intended to fit common sizes of different types of tables.  The sizes are based on averages of those available tables and assume some limited exposed table space on the edges; you should measure your table before assuming a certain fit.

When choosing your mat size, you may want to consider how close to the edge you actually want your mat.  If the mat goes right up to the edge, it would take more wear as people rest their elbows the edge of the table.  A one inch border would minimize that.  And a 2-3 inch border would give you a place to put your drink and tuck secret cards under there.

Large Dining Table (73.5 in x 38.5 in)

large dining table board gaming mat


5-Piece Dining Table (46 in x 27 in)

This is a small rectangular style of table that would come with four chairs in a set (hence 5-piece).  If you have a round or square dining table, see below.

5 piece dining table neoprene gaming mat


Card Table (32 in x 32 in)

This will fit a collapsible, square card table.  It is 44.25 in diagonally if you are checking for fit on your round table.

round table neoprene gaming mat


Folding Table (59 in x 27 in)

Most collapsible tables (common in gaming spaces and conventions) are five or six feet long.  This will fit both comfortably.

Folding table neoprene board gaming mat

Although most mats are exactly the specified size, please keep in mind that we can only guarantee a tolerance of 1/2 inch on standard size matsWe can guarantee a tolerance of 1/4 inch on custom mats.  Neoprene may expand or contract slightly with temperature and age. These effects are minimized because of the thickness of the material.  And although the mats are cut with precision instruments, it is unrealistic to expect a machine level of precision on a big floppy piece of rubber, especially in very large sizes.

You may want a custom mat if you’ve got a huge table…

neoprene gaming mat with board game

Additional information


5-Piece Dining Table (46 in x 27 in), Card Table (32 in x 32 in), Folding Table (59 in x 27 in), Large Dining Table (73.5 in x 38.5 in)


Black, Burgundy, Forest Green, Navy Blue

15 reviews for Neoprene Gaming Mat – Standard Sizes

  1. Mr. Green

    Absolutely love the mat we got. The large size to cover the entire table is really nice. The thickness of the mat is great as well it really makes it easier to pick up cards and move components around. It just enhances the enjoyment of the game. I wasn’t too sure about the cups but I’m glad I added them since it just makes things a little more contained. Very satisfied.

  2. Fred Allen

    Received the card table size mat from the Kickstarter, and it is exactly as described. Works really well and enjoyed playing games with my family on it over Thanksgiving! Excellent product!!

  3. James M

    Got my 5-piece size from the Kickstarter, and couldn’t be happier. Super thick and cushy, makes any game with cards and small counters SO much easier. Nice clean cut all around, and feels really durable. Wish I would have bought a mat years ago.

  4. jeremy zeman

    Really love my mat use it all the time with all games.

  5. Jeremy Zeman

    I have 2 of these one for home & one for travel. The thickness is great nice squishy feel makes it easy to pick up cards and game pieces.

  6. Sean OGrady

    Received the mat the other day and just wanted to comment on the amazing quality! Really love this and am glad I decided on your company for our gaming mat.

  7. Viking Mats Customer

    I absolutely love this mat. It fits on the table perfectly and doesnt slide at all. I can roll dice without waking up my toddler. I’ve never had a gaming mat before but since I’ve had this we haven’t played a game without using it. It is definitely worth every penny. It stores nicely and travels well.

  8. ch1ckentalon

    What makes game-playjng enjoyable is the simple details that subtlely enhance the experience. This product delivers and provides the foundation for better game play. Whether it’s the sound of the dice rolling or the ease of card distribution and pickup, the sensory and gameplay aspects are all improved. Although the price is hefty, the value proposition is still there. I highly recommend this product to all who care about the gaming experience.

  9. James Maxhimer

    I’ve used my mat extensively for the past few months for both D&D and tabletop games and it has made a world of difference. Picking up cards is so easy now, and Carcassonne stays in place much better. Not too heavy, but nice and cushy. It’s holding up really well too, and the one beer that spilled on it came right out. Probably going to pick up another one soon for my bigger table.

  10. Forest Hill

    Waited over a month for a mat on backorder, and it was totally worth the weight! It’s soft but strong, and a perfect fit for my table!

  11. Brian W.

    I cannot say enough about how high the quality of these mats are. They look and feel terrific and hold up very well with all the play that my group does!

  12. Viking Mats Customer

    I just leave it on my table because it makes such a great addition to any game. The nylon surface is great for any game that uses cards.

  13. :BF

    Very thick, nice game mat. Plus, no foul odors from the neoprene. Happy with our purchase & would recommend this mat to others.

  14. Anita M

    I ordered 2 mats from you last month, I wanted the option of using only half our dining table or using the whole table. The mats arrived in a timely way, they are great quality and fit completely perfectly together. They roll nicely, unroll flat and are perfectly cut. Thanks so much, exactly the upgrade to our gaming experience. We’re especially pleased to get so much use out of them during our Covid19 social distancing. Thanks for your great, efficient service. Love these mats!

  15. Jason

    I got a large custom size and I was worried about the listed variance but it fits on my table perfectly. The material on top is less like most gaming mats. It’s more of a matte finish than the typical slippery sheen on other mats but I really like the way it feels and how games play on it. The shipping took a little while but that’s to be expected for a custom order. I cannot speak to the edge durability because this just stays on my table full time, but the edges aren’t stitched like on some of the more premium mats. I love this mat and I will definitely buy from this company again in the future.

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