The Mats

What are they made of?

Neoprene with a nylon surface… yes, like a mouse pad.  Although, most mouse pads are only 1-2 mm thick.  Big Viking Gaming Mats are 5 mm thick!

Just black?

Based on our polling, we will be offering mats in Burgundy, Forest Green, Navy Blue, and Black.

What additional mat color would you like to see? (This will determine the order that new colors are offered in the stretch goals)

  • Forest Green (37%, 25 Votes)
  • Burgundy (29%, 20 Votes)
  • Dark Gray (18%, 12 Votes)
  • Navy Blue (16%, 11 Votes)

Total Voters: 68

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How big are they?

We are making four sizes available, intended to fit common sizes of different types of tables.  The sizes are based on averages of those available tables and assume some limited exposed table space on the edges; you should measure your table before assuming a certain fit.  If you’re really classy, you may also get custom cut mats. You can be notified when custom cut mats become available here.

Large Dining Table (75 in x 39 in)


5-Piece Dining Table (46 in x 27 in)

This is a small rectangular style of table that would come with four chairs in a set (hence 5-piece).  If you have a round or square dining table, see below.


Round/Card Table (32 in x 32 in)

This will fit a collapsible, square card table, as well as most round and square dining tables.  It is 44.25 in diagonally if you are checking for fit on your round table.


Folding Table (59 in x 25.5 in)

Most collapsible tables (common in gaming spaces and conventions) are five or six feet long.  This will fit both comfortably.

Okay, I want one! Where do I get it, already?

We are working on the Kickstarter fulfillment right now.  Get notified when the custom sizing becomes available here.  This is the next opportunity to order both custom and standard sizes.